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Sep 14, 2012 10:00pm EDT
into the house, all of the dea, fbi and locals came in single file line with automatic weapons, pointed at me freeze, get on the ground. >> he had been caught in a drug sting, spearheaded by a hard nosed federal prosecutor, larry beaumont. >> we scooped him up in an operation that i ran, we called it operation snow ploy. >> in court, beaumont showed keene no mercy. >> he was coming at you on all fours? >> oh, god, he was a bulldog. >> jimmy was convicted and slapped with a ten year sentence. >> it was a pretty stiff sentence. i knew he didn't expect ten years in that case. >> your father was in the courtroom. >> right. i knew i let him down, probably one of the biggest ways you could let somebody down. >> keene's future was bleak. he faced ten years away from his glamorous life, the fast women, the fancy cars, the big bucks. in 1998 just when all hope seemed lost, his old nemesis, beaumont, came to him with an offer of freedom, attached to that accordion file he slid across the table. in return, keene would have to agree to risk everything and become an undercover informant in one of the roug
Sep 21, 2012 10:00pm PDT
building in oklahoma city was bombed. the fbi focused its resources on that case. the hunt for randolph dial and bobbi parker long since cold was quietly back burnered. >> every time i'd hear of a body being found, you know, i'd hold my breath and wait. but i just wouldn't accept she was dead. >> by now, bobbi and dial were working on a small farm in east texas. dial calling himself richard deal and introducing bobbi as his wife samantha. >> to survive i became samantha. >> who was samantha sdmeel. >> s-- samantha deal? >> she was lonely, hurt. and trying to make it day by day, minute to minute. >> when you would approach another human being, did you want to just shout out, i'm being held against my will, get me out of here? >> i became fearful if i did something that was not approved. the revenge of dial was great. >> dial seemed ever more confident. in 1997 after three years on the lam, he started a pottery company called terra cotta gardens. >> dial advertised it on the radio, did an interview on the radio. >> unbelievably, the attention led to an invitation for the fugitive killer t
Sep 5, 2012 10:00pm PDT
. >> the state bureau of investigation and the fbi were able to eventually identify that shoe as a hush puppy shoe, and it was a size 12, which was the same size that he wore. >> throughout the investigation, jason stead fastly maintained his silence. he even gave michelle's family custody of his daughter rather than face a legal battle where he would be asked some tough questions. >> everyone that we spoke with, all of them talked about how much he loved cassidy and what a great dad he was. to just turn over primary custody, that was very surprising. >> investigators had heard enough. they believed they had a case. circumstantial, but a case. three years after michelle young's body was found on the bedroom floor, jason young was charged with her murder. investigators and prosecutors knew that very little pointed directly toward jason young, but so far nothing pointed away. coming up, the case against jason young as an alleged killer and as a cheating husband. >> we had an intimate relationship for the two days that he was there. we ended up having sex. >> he never settled down. >> when "date
Sep 6, 2012 10:00pm PDT
cullen is a columnist for "the boston globe." back in the 1980s, he helped break the story about the fbi protecting a known mob boss named whitey bulger. to cullen, this case set not on the gritty back streets of boston but the open hallways of south hadley high was in some ways just a different kind of mob story. >> what i found remarkable is that when i started talking to the kids in the school, the story was incredibly consistent, that everybody kind of knew this was going on. >> reporter: everybody knew phoebe was being harassed? >> yeah. >> reporter: not only that, he says, every kid seemed to know exactly who at school had bullied phoebe. her tormenters were still roaming the halls. >> that led to a real chilling effect among other kids that knew what happened. they were afraid to come forward and say what they knew, because as they saw it, nothing was going to happen to the bullies because some of them were the most popular kids on -- in that school. >> reporter: but what bothered cullen most was when he heard that phoebe's classmates had held their annual school dance just two da
Sep 21, 2012 10:00pm EDT
you homeland security, the fbi, we are expending every resource to ascertain that information. that's not true. sir? i didn't see the 82nd airborne marching down fifth avenue-- that's a resource. commissioner, we are doing... jfk and la guardia are still open, so the attack isn't coming from the air. if it was a car bomb, you would be asking me to close my bridges and tunnels. good god, it's biologic. that's him. good job, kid. just glad we got a bad guy off the street. yep. you know, just for this, i may go pick up the roast. come on. hey, hold on a second. where you taking him? what do you mean? i got to process him. what do you mean? this is my collar. excuse me? i brought him here for you to do interviews and run your line ups, but this is my collar. i arrested him. you arrested him because i asked you to. look, i gave his name, i gave his picture-- i did everything but draw you a map. but, danny, come on, you know the rules. you get the clearances. i get the arrest. the rules? rookie, there are the rules, and then there is the way things are done. okay? am i right or am i right
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)